Christopher Lee

University of Toronto


I am an assistant professor at the University of Toronto in the Department of Physics. I research the atmospheres of solar system planets and exoplanets and teach various courses including the physics of climate, experimental physics, and computational physics.


  • Planetary Atmospheres
  • General Circulation
  • Data Assimilation and Deep Learning




Finding craters in satellite imagery using Deep Learning


The Planetary Weather Research and Forecasting model.

Recent Publications

Automated crater detection on Mars using deep learning

Impact crater cataloging is an important tool in the study of the geological history of planetary bodies in the Solar System, including …

The sensitivity of solsticial pauses to atmospheric ice and dust in the MarsWRF General Circulation Model

Mars exhibits less atmospheric variability at the solstices than it does during periods nearer the equinoxes. Much of this variability …

Simulating Titan’s methane cycle with the TitanWRF General Circulation Model

Observations provide increasing evidence of a methane hydrological cycle on Titan. Earth-based and Cassini-based monitoring has …

Martian atmospheric collapse: Idealized GCM studies

Global energy balance models of the martian atmosphere predict that, for a range of total CO2 inventories, the CO2 atmosphere may …

Analysis of the radiative budget of the Venusian atmosphere based on infrared Net Exchange Rate formalism.

A detailed one-dimensional analysis of the energy balance in Venus atmosphere is proposed in thiswork, based on the Net Exchange Rate …


I teach Physics courses at the University of Toronto, including Practical Physics I (PHY224), Physics of Climate (PHY392), and Computational Physics (PHY407).