Selected Publications

A General Circulation Model of the atmosphere of the planet Venus is developed using a climate model developed by the UK Meteorological Office. The model is adapted to usea 5×5 horizontal resolution covering the entire horizontal domain with 33 levels extending from the surface to 90km altitude, with a maximum vertical spacing of 3km. Modifications are made to provide a regime appropriate to the atmosphere of Venus. The rotation and orbital periods are changed to the measured values for Venus, and a realistic temperature profile is used to provide a suitable equilibrium temperature…

Recent Publications

More Publications

  • The sensitivity of solsticial pauses to atmospheric ice and dust in the MarsWRF General Circulation Model (Lee et al., 2018)

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  • Simulating Titan’s methane cycle with the TitanWRF General Circulation Model (Newman et al. (2016))


  • Martian atmospheric collapse: Idealized GCM studies (Soto et al. (2015))


  • Analysis of the radiative budget of the Venusian atmosphere based on infrared Net Exchange Rate formalism. (Lebonnois et al. (2015))


  • Effects of obliquity and water vapor/trace gas greenhouses in the early martian climate. (Mischna et al. (2013))



I teach the following courses at the University of Toronto

  • PHY224: Practical Physics I
  • PHY392: Physics of Climate